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We believe Without trust and confidence there is nothing. All descriptions are listed in an honest fashion. 100% Money Back if item is not brand New or Original or is defective. There will be no refunds for items unless exceptional circumstances. Refund must be requested within 3 days after receiving the package. All items must be return in original condition without any physical changes. (E.g. Scratches, shortening of bracelets etc.) In case of refund, shipping and handling charges will not be refunded.


Items are sent out within 1-­2 business day upon receipt of payment. Please ensure the final destination shipping address is correct. Item(s) will be shipped to your Shipping address in PayPal Only. Other address is unacceptable. Please update your shipping address in PayPal before purchase during the checkout. The Total amount of Delivery Time = Handling Time + Airmail + General Public Holidays. Every item is properly checked before being dispatched We use high quality bubble wraps and packaging to ensure good protection for all our items.


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100% Money Back Guarantee

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